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Looking after your garden, particularly an organic garden, takes a lot of patience, time and dedication, but you can rest assured all your hard work will be rewarded. However, we all have busy lives and this is probably why more and more people are now choosing the low-maintenance option of artificial grass. It certainly does what it says on the tin: no need to worry about watering or cutting, no mess, always tidy. But what about wildlife? All the garden visitors we are used to, from bees to butterflies, bugs and frogs won't feel particularly attracted by plastic grass blades. We all know how bees are becoming an endangered species which could have catastrophic consequences for humankind, so we should do our best to encourage wildlife in our gardens.

On a lighter note (literally!), mowing the lawn for about 1 hour can burn up to 300-400 calories, which can help you keep fit and healthy, so don't go artificial...Keep it natural!


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