Cottage Garden Services The home of Organic Gardening
Cottage Garden ServicesThe home of Organic Gardening

Why Organic Gardening and does it really work?

Nowadays it's all about being quick, fast, instant. It looks like nobody can afford waiting any longer. We forget that gardening - and particularly organic gardening - is really about waiting, being patient, and respecting nature's timings and cycles.


Not using pesticides and other chemicals help safeguard the natural eco system and encourage wildlife. What better way to relax on a summer's day than enjoying your garden's sounds and colours? Think of butterflies and bees, ladybirds, crickets and even frogs.


There are many ways we can keep our garden free from pests without using harmful substances which can really impact the life in your garden.


Feel free to download our Organic Brochure to find out more why we are so passionate about the "organic way".

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